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Far infrared heating is a comfortable, stylish and innovative way to heat your property. With 70,000 units sold in continental Europe last year, we are proud to say that EnjoyWarm is the leading manufacturer and supplier of far infrared heaters! 

Easy Installation, Mainenance Free, 5-Year Warranty 

EnjoyWarm panels can be wall or ceiling mounted or free standing, and the installation can be as easy as fitting a picture on the wall. 
Since EnjoyWarm’s far infrared heating technology involves no moving parts or component degradation, the panels are estimated to last a lifetime without maintenance. 
There is also a standard 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for added piece of mind. 

Instant Heat, Fresher Atmosphere, Mould Combating 

Conventional heaters transfer heat by heating up the air, which often results in the following: Dust circulation / Draught (this is especially true in the case of offices fitted with central air-conditioning and the air vents blow out warm air) / Dry air 
A major advantage of far infrared heating is that air is not used as the medium for transporting heat. Consequently, there is little air movement, and the amount of dust and allergens lifted into the air is reduced. The air is cooler and clearer, which also helps breathing. 
Also, EnjoyWarm UK far infrared heaters do not dry out the air (on the other hand, the heaters can work wonders on keeping walls dry and keeping the mould away!). 

Completely Quiet, Odourless, No Light Emission 

EnjoyWarm’s far infrared heaters are completely silent and emit no smell* or light.  
* Except maybe the first use - similar to many other heat generating products, such as electric kettles and electric ovens, there could be some slight odor during the first use. 

Energy Efficient 

A small 4-bar portable halogen electric heater is usually around 1600w, whereas EnjoyWarm far infrared heaters require only half of the electricity to provide heat for a medium-sized room. 

Stylish Design 

EnjoyWarm UK products are beautifully designed and can literally be as pretty as a picture! Most of our products can have images tailored to suit customer’s requirements. EnjoyWarm UK heaters can also be disguised as a mirror, part of the ceiling or hidden under the floor. 

High Quality, Low Price 

EnjoyWarm specialises in far infrared heating and has a team of highly skilled experts and researchers. EnjoyWarm also invested heavily in advanced manufacturing and testing equipment to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. 
Since the start of manufacturing in 2008, the company has come a long way from the total sales of 300 units in the first year to the 70,000 units sold in 2017 (mainly to customers based in Germany). 
We are proud of the low return/repair rate of 0.3% and we will continue focusing on high quality products. 
EnjoyWarm is new to the UK market and as a big ‘Thanks’ to our new customers, we are offering fantastic Introductory Prices! 
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